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We print plastic (PVC / PP / PE) stickers for various purposes, of any shape and size. Trimmed into individual pieces or pre-cut into a sheet. Different plastic materials are available with different adhesive durability, matt or glossy finish.

Tip: White color will stand out beautifully on a transparent sticker.

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Plastic stickers printing

Plastic stickers are used to mark products, promotional or other items. For example self-adhesive labels, decorative stickers, wall stickers, furniture or car stickers.  Stickers are a very effective and inexpensive way of advertising. The price of the stickers is calculated live above in the calculation form.

Material selection

When choosing a plastic sticker material it is necessary to take into account what it will be used for. If you need advice on the right type, please feel free to contact us.

  • 1. Stickers are made of different materials - PVC, PP, PE, PET
  • 2. They are divided into matt, glossy and transparent.
  • 3. They have different adhesive permanence - permanent, semi-permanent.
  • 4. Some have no glue at all, they can be reused - repositional or adhesive.
Tip: If the reposition sticker losses its adhesion due to dirt on the sticker, just clean the adhesive side with a damp towel.
Tip: Glossy materials are suitable for the production of resin stickers.

Documents to download

Looking for more information?
For instructions on how to prepare your data for printing, please download our manuals. We will be happy to assist you, please contact to us via chat, or call +421905259903, or write an email to


A variety of sticker sizes are available, including A7, A6, A5, A4, A3 or custom size. The maximum sheet size sticker for small format printing is 460 x 320 mm. For larger plastic stickers use the following link roll sticker printing

Printing stickers with unusual or irregular shapes is a matter of course. If possible, add the cutout curve as a single page in the pdf document. This avoids the risk of accidentally printing the cut-out curve along with the printable data. 

Tip: If you wish for a different shape, for instance, a circle, please enter the diameter of the circle in the form and check the pre-cut.

Pre-cut or cropping

Stickers can be cut, cropped, or both. Pre-cut stickers are put on a sheet from which they can be easily detached. We recommend cutting to the desired shape only if it is a small amount. If you choose both options stickers will cut through and then cropped into individual pieces.


We produce stickers in Bratislava. We offer courier delivery to all of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Poland. Delivery of stickers takes 1 to 3 business days from receipt of order. Delivery time depends on prepared data and ordered special effects. It usually takes up to 24 hours to create Stickers, therefore they can be ready tomorrow, and you may pick them up in person at Račianska 66 in Bratislava. If you have an urgent deadline, please specify the date in the order and we will do what is in our capabilities to meet your time requirements.

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Zistiť viac

Ways to enhance your stickers.


To protect a full-area printing we use a thin printing laminate (fine foil) in matt or glossy finish.                  Matt laminate fits darker graphics. Glossy laminate is used, on the contrary, for colourful graphics as it highlights colors.

Partial varnish

Partial UV varnishing is used to efficiently highlight inscriptions, pictures and other parts. A smooth, glossy varnish is applied to selected surfaces. It is best seen in dark areas.

White color

White color is typically used when printing on coloured or transparent material.                  For example, to make yellow on a red surface look like the yellow perceived in graphic design, it is necessary to underlay it with a printed white layer. If not the yellow would become orange. White can also be used separately, as shown in the business card in the picture.

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