An innovative and playful solution for your printable products. Multiloft gives you the ability to create business cards, announcements, cards and other printing products in a unique thickness of up to 1460g (or even more) by combining multiple sheets of paper into one multiloft sandwich. Multiloft consists of a top and bottom printable layer and internal sheets. Multiloft paper is available in 12 different colors.

Tip: The inner sheets may be in one, two, three or more layers.

1 - 3 working days
special effects
50+ materials

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Multiloft business cards

First, we print multiloft business cards on the HP Indigo machine. Then we press them under pressure and cut to the desired format. Each sheet of paper is impregnated with glue, which releases under pressure and bonds the sheets together. You can easily find out the price of multiloft business cards using the online calculation above. The price decreases with the number of ordered pieces.

Choose your color

The inner layer can be chosen from 12 color variations that can be combined to create a bold luxury business card.
If you choose multiple color combinations, please specify this in the note.
The weight of 920g represents a multiloft sandwich with 1 inner layer, 1190g with 2 inner layers and 1460g with 3 layers. Additional layers can be added.

multiloft business card white multiloft business card yellow multiloft business card orange multiloft business card red multiloft business card pink multiloft business card pastel pink multiloft business card violet multiloft business card blue multiloft business card turquoise multiloft business card green multiloft business card pastel green multiloft business card black

Documents to download

Looking for more information?
For instructions on how to prepare your data for printing, please download our manuals. We will be happy to assist you, please contact us via chat, or call +421905259903, or write an email to


Standard multiloft business card dimensions are 90 x 50 mm and 85 x 55 mm. You may also choose a custom-sized business card.


If you need help creating a business card, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your graphic design. Upload the data you have into the form above. Attach your idea and the information you want to appear on the business card to the note. Simple graphic design is provided free of charge. If it takes more time, we will calculate and send you the pricing for your approval.


Delivery of business cards takes 1 to 3 business days from receipt of order.
Delivery time depends on prepared data and ordered special effects. Business cards are produced and printed in Bratislava at Račianska 66. We also send business cards to couriers throughout Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Poland. Business cards are usually finished within 24 hours. In case you need express or urgent printing of business cards please specify the date and we will do what is possible to meet your requirements.

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Ways to enhance multiloft business cards


Laminating has a protective but also aesthetic function. The lamination covers the entire surface of the business card with a thin film. This film (laminate) is available in matt or glossy finish. Matt laminate better fits darker graphics. On the other hand, the gloss finish emphasizes color tones as it highlights color tones. The foil gives the business card greater resistance or allows a good base for partial varnish.

Partial UV varnish

A smooth glossy varnish coating is applied to selected areas of the business card paper. It is best seen in dark areas or surfaces. Using UV varnish on specific parts of your graphic will highlight logos, pictures and give them a 3-dimensional look.

White color printing

Printing with white color is mainly used in two situations. Mainly to maintain the correct color when printing on color or transparent material. For example, to make yellow look like in the prepared graphic design, it is necessary when printing on a red surface, you need to underlay it with a white layer. Another way to use white color is for it to be used separately as illustrated in the picture.


Variable Data Printing (personalisation) is a way to customise your business cards. With personalization, you can create unique business cards. Personalization enriches each business card with variable data. You can personalize the text, numbering, image or background color of each business card. Reach customers with a unique business card to meet their needs.

Rounded corners

The rounded corners may have different round sizes. Please specify the amount in your graphics. If you do not want all the corners to be round but only some, please also specify it in a note.

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