transparent business cards

Transparent business cards

Attractive and indestructible

Plastic materials have, among other things, transparent and translucent properties. They offer a great deal of creativity when designing business cards. Standalone white printing is possible or as an underprint for CMYK colours. This prevents opacity and faint colours. However, sometimes such an effect is desirable. We offer transparent and frosted plastic in various thicknesses.

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Printing of Plastic Business Cards

We print transparent plastic business cards on Nyala SwissQprint UV printer. You can easily find out the price of printing plastic business cards using the online calculator above. The price decreases with the number of ordered business cards.

Types of Plastic Materials

  • Pentaprint transparent glossy – PVC Film is completely clear with a smooth surface.
  • Pentaprint transparent matte – PVC Film is transparent with a slightly roughened surface.
  • Pentaprint white glossy – PVC Film is white with a smooth surface.
  • Pentaprint white matte – PVC Film is white with a slightly roughened surface.

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The standard dimensions of plastic business cards are 90 x 50 mm and 85 x 55 mm. You can also choose your own dimensions.

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Graphic Design

If you need advice on creating a business card, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with the graphic design. Upload the data you have in the form above. Add your idea and information you want to include on the business card to the notes. Simple graphic and layout adjustments are for free. If it requires more time, we will calculate price and send an email for approval.

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Business Card Enhancement Options


Lamination has both a protective and aesthetic function. It covers the entire surface of the business card with a thin polygraphic film. This film (laminate) is available in matte or glossy finishes. The film adds greater durability to the card and provides a good base for partial varnishing. Matte laminate is suitable for darker graphics. Glossy laminate, on the other hand, is suitable for more colorful printing as it enhances the tones of the colors.

Partial UV Varnish

Partial UV varnishing is used to effectively highlight texts, images, and other parts of the business card. A smooth glossy layer of varnish is applied to selected areas of the paper. Partial varnish is often used to highlight logo of a company on a business card. This effect is best seen on dark surfaces. We recommend coated papers or laminating the card with matte laminate.

White Printing

White printing is used to preserve coloration when printing on colored or transparent materials. For example, to make yellow look as it does in the graphic design when printed on a red surface, it needs to be underlaid with a white layer. White can also be used separately, as shown on the business card in the picture.


Personalization allows you to create unique business cards. Enrich each card with variable data. Variable data, such as text, numbering, image, or background color of the business card, can be customized to your preferences.

Rounded Corners

Rounded corners can have different radii of curvature. The most common radius of curvature is 3.5 and 10. Specify it in your graphic design. If you do not want all corners to be rounded, but only some, specify this in the note.


Perforation is the process of punching paper in a single line, allowing the paper to be torn into two pieces along this line. Examples include cinema tickets or toilet paper.

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